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The exhibitions annual programme is regulated into a specialised gallery inside the Foundation’s building, dedicated to professional exhibition making, in addition to other venues that are used occasionally and might exist inside or outside the new building. The exhibition programme follows several modalities ranging from commissioned exhibitions, hosted exhibitions, Foundation’s produced exhibitions. The exhibition seasonal programme is categorised as follows: 

  1. Major Exhibition

International scale exhibitions based on critical knowledge creation that emerges from a discursive foundation. These exhibitions are critical to the mainstream popular culture in terms of its hybridity between neoliberal consumerism, religious conservatism, and tribal political and cultural hegemonies.

  1. Public Exhibition

A programme for hosting traveling local or international exhibitions as well as opened for proposals for exhibitions by community organizations, cultural institutions, private sector and/or artist groups and individuals. Hosted exhibitions are to fit with high standards in their intellectual content, aesthetical directions and execution.

  1. Collections Exhibition

A programme based on the Foundation’s collection, whereby a commissioned curator each year design an exhibition in connection with other local and/or international collections. The aim of this programme is to explore private collections, public collections, institutional collections, as well as other forms of commercial collections.

  1. YAYA Exhibition

The biennial Young Artist of the Year Awards will be exhibited in the gallery space varying each year in form and content according to the curated theme. Although YAYA is a biennial programme however on the year that YAYA is not occurring, the YAYA exhibition will feature special commissions by former YAYA participants as a means of connecting the history of YAYA with the contemporary practices of its former participants.