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"As a Palestinian refugee, Leila Al-Miqdadi Al-Qattan lived in many places. As an avid reader, she lived in even more places through books. Leila had a passionate love for books. For her, a book represented many things: a magical refuge from a traumatic childhood - I imagine her sweeping her aunt's house with one hand, while holding a book she is reading in the other - and a gateway to a world of ideas and emotions that can be enjoyed one after the other. It was also a unique love gift connecting her with other readers among family or friends, a companion at night and during travels. She would bring it home and then sadly return it to the shelf, as she always felt sadness whenever she finished reading a good book. For her, a house only becomes a home when books are freed from boxes and arranged on shelves. Therefore, this library is named after Leila".

Najwa Al-Qattan 


At the beginning of the year 2000, the late Ibrahim Abu Lughod held the position of the founding director of Al-Qattan Foundation. During that period, he donated a collection of books from his personal library to establish an educational library in The Foundation's old building in Al-Masyoun - Ramallah. From those seeds, the library gradually began to acquire books and develop a vision for its content, direction, and its target audience. At that time, the library was associated with the Educational Research and Development program, primarily targeting teachers and researchers in the fields of education and learning. A branch of it was established in Gaza with The Educational Research and Development programme. The number of books and journals reached approximately 26,000 items. 


The library worked on its special programs, including intellectual seminars, book launches, hosting authors and artists, meetings with school students, and book discussions. With The Foundation's move to the new cultural centre in Al-Tireh neighbourhood, the development of the library and increasing the opportunities to benefit from it became a primary concern. This manifested in an expansion of its space, enhancement in its design, and an increase in its resources. 

The library currently offers: 

  • A rich collection of diverse materials, comprising around 30,000 books and journals. 

  • Free borrowing, guidance, and research assistance. 

  • Spaces for individual reading and study. 

  • The ability to book rooms equipped for group studies and meetings. 

  • Special areas for children called "House of Tales", which include distinguished children's books. 

  • Reading and borrowing services for children (under 5 years) accompanied by a parent. 

  • The J–Store feature for searching for books in PDF format, which is the largest database of documented and peer-reviewed scientific information and research. 

  • Contact information and reception hours: 

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Al-Qattan Foundation 

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