Strategic Plan 2020 - 2024

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 An independent foundation is dedicated to fostering a vibrant cultural and educational environment that promotes emancipatory thought, knowledge, and creativity.


Our vision is of a society characterized by justice, freedom, and tolerance, where dialogue thrives, and science, art, and literature are revered, created, and wield global influence.


Strategic Goals (Outcomes)

  1. Develop and Provide Emancipatory Cultural and Educational Productions: Aim to expand the audience base and circles of beneficiaries and deepen the work with them.
  2. Strengthen Dynamic Cultural and Educational Structures: Capable of producing critical and emancipatory knowledge.
  3. Enhance a Supportive and Empowering Environment: For the role of the foundation and its mission.
  4. Strive Towards a Continually Renewing, Sustainable Foundation.

Implementation Strategies

  1. Benefit from Partnerships: Utilize partnerships for funding, development, and implementation, reaching the audience, transferring experiences, and influencing policies.
  2. Leverage Cumulative Events and Learning: Embrace the cumulative nature of events and activities, learning from the richness of the experience.
  3. Achieve Geographic Balance within Palestine: Ensure a fair distribution of activities across different regions of Palestine.
  4. Encourage Communication: Foster communication at local, regional, and international levels.
  5. Integrate Foundation's Programmes and Activities: Promote synergy and integration among the Foundation's various programmes.
  6. Efficient Use of Venues: Optimize the use of available venues, including the new building, The Science Studio in Ramallah, The Child Centre in Gaza, and The Mosaic Rooms in London.
  7. Build Active Media Presence: Develop a robust media presence to convey the foundation's message to local and international audiences.
  8. Achieve Community Engagement: Foster engagement with the community to enhance impact.
  9. Rational Use of Financial Resources: Ensure responsible use and consumption of financial resources.


  • Respecting and Defending Human Rights and Dignity: Upholding the fundamental principles of human rights and dignity.
  • Freedom, Pluralism, Dialogue, and Knowledge Production: Championing freedom, pluralism, and dialogue as essential elements in the production of knowledge.
  • Fellowship Spirit and Valuing Production: Promoting a sense of fellowship and recognizing the value of productive efforts.
  • Boldness in the Right: Demonstrating courage and conviction in pursuing what is right and just.