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The foundation has established three cultural centres in Gaza, London, and Ramallah, each with its unique identity tied to its geographical context. However, the primary shared objective of these centres is to provide spaces for knowledge sharing, promoting interaction, and fostering dialogue within the community. These centres host a wide range of cultural and artistic events, including visual arts exhibitions, book launches, musical and theatrical performances, and more. They are dynamic spaces that encourage experimentation, testing, and the exploration of various cultural and artistic ideas. These centres are known for being perpetually open, ready to accommodate a diverse mix of creatives and the public.

Our centres welcome children, families, artists, academics, cultural practitioners, and partners from different cultural fields to explore their spaces and benefit from them in ways that meet their artistic, cultural, and educational aspirations.


Al-Qattan Cultural Centre- Gaza


Established in 2000 and officially opened in 2005, the Cultural Centre in Gaza (formerly known as Al Qattan Child Centre)) is a cultural hub that has a built-up area of around 4000 square meters. The centre boasts a library stocked with over 100,000 materials for children, educators, and families. In addition to office spaces, it offers workshop areas and rooms designed for a variety of activities, catering to children and teenagers up to 17 years old. The centre's outreach extends through its services in five "Child-Friendly Spaces" and "The Mobile Library" bus.

In 2021, the foundation made the decision to open the centre to the public, offering diverse cultural events in the evenings.

For guided tours at the Qattan Centre in Gaza, please contact us at: 08-2839939. To take a virtual tour of the Al-Qattan Cultural Centre in Gaza, click here.