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Our Executive Team: Committed to Excellence and Diversity

At our foundation, we prioritize merit and excellence in our employment policy, emphasizing fairness and diversity in building our team. We staunchly reject any form of bias, whether it's based on gender, ethnicity, sectarianism, or political affiliation.

Currently, our team consists of 73 dedicated employees spread across our offices in Ramallah, Gaza, and London:

  • Director General: Fida Toma
  • Director of the Administration Department: Nihaya Kharroub
  • Head of Finance Department: Suleiman Abu Rob
  • Senior Manager of the Communication Unit: Ahmad Shami
  • Director of the Culture and Education Programme: Mahmoud Abu Hashhash
  • Senior Manager, Grants and Capacities Support Unit: Nisreen Naffa
  • Director of the Education Unit: Nader Wahba
  • Director of the Public Programme: Yazid Anani
  • Director, Al-Qattan Cultural Centre/Gaza: Ibrahem ElShatali


Our executive staff is committed to upholding our foundation's values and mission, ensuring our programmes and initiatives continue to make a positive impact in our communities.

You can reach out to our executive team at info@qattanfoundation.org.