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Our Culture and Education Program is dedicated to strengthening the cultural, artistic, and educational infrastructure in Palestine to foster critical and emancipatory knowledge. We believe in the power of culture and education as instruments of positive change. The Programme supports artists, activists, and cultural practitioners, enabling them to experiment and enhance their practices across various artistic and literary fields.

Furthermore, CEP seeks to enrich educational practices and elevate the quality of education by actively involving teachers and supervisors. We aim to broaden the horizons of learning in Palestine, emphasizing contemporary, non-curricular learning processes for children and adolescents.

In addition to our work with children aged 5-17 through the Gaza Centre, we strive to support their creativity and innovation by nurturing their curiosity and developing their artistic and creative talents.

Our programme operates through three key units:

Grants and Capacity Support Unit

This unit sustains a dynamic cultural and artistic movement by supporting Palestinians, including individuals, groups, and cultural institutions, across various artistic and cultural domains. We offer financial support, capacity-building programmes, artistic residencies, and partnerships to promote research, experimentation, learning, and innovation.

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Education Unit 

Our efforts in the education sector aim to empower educational actors and students in Palestine with new methods and ideas. We emphasize unconventional pedagogical approaches that encourage active learning, critical thinking, and creative expression. The unit operates in various fields, including science, technology, early childhood education, social sciences, and arts in education. We offer long-term training opportunities for teachers and schools, fostering community initiative-building and utilizing integrated learning approaches.

Child's Creativity Unit

Focusing on Gaza, this unit offers programs for children aged 5-17 to nurture their curiosity, develop their abilities, and enhance their creative skills. We encourage children to take active roles in their future contexts while supporting a creative and innovative environment. Our programmes include tracks dedicated to performing arts, visual arts, audio-visual arts, science, technology, and creative writing.