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Our Public Programme is dedicated to producing, developing, and sharing contemporary cultural practices and knowledge through various mediums such as exhibitions, lectures, dialogues, workshops, events, and research. We aim to engage the Palestinian community and promote critical thinking, creativity, and social cohesion.

This programme operates through three units:

Curatorial Unit

This unit shapes our regular public events programme in Ramallah and Gaza, covering a wide range of cultural events, including poetry, performing arts, music, dialogues, lectures, seminars, cinema, and food culture. Through thematically curated events, our programming focuses on critical discourse on the arts and culture and involves artists, researchers, and academics at every level.  

Community Engagement Unit

Working alongside the Curatorial Unit, this team develops cultural outputs to expand our audience base and engage the community in various programmes and activities. We work with neighbourhood committees, children, and different geographical areas to broaden audience interaction with culture and arts and to engage the different audiences with the cultural production curated by the Foundation or hosted at its premises.

Libraries Unit

The Foundation’s two cultural centres in Ramallah and Gaza are home to two libraries as well. Our libraries, in addition to regular library services to target audiences, are spaces that host diverse learning experiences that encourage reading, exploration, and research, contributing to a supportive environment for dialogue, thinking, and creativity.


The Mobile Library and The Friendly Zones - Gaza 

Our Outreach Services Unit extends cultural, artistic, and creative opportunities to children in remote areas through The Mobile Library and The Friendly Zones projects. These initiatives promote reading habits, self-learning, and artistic engagement among children in Gaza, offering a range of cultural and artistic activities.

We invite artists, academics, and cultural practitioners to explore our spaces and benefit from them. Our centers are available for reservation to fulfill your artistic, cultural, and educational aspirations.