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Established in 1993, the Foundation is a registered independent charity (No. 1029450) in the United Kingdom. Our journey began in Palestine in 1998 (No. QR-0035-F), where we have remained dedicated to serving culture, education, and the arts in both Palestine and the broader Arab world.

Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant and enriching environment for knowledge creation, fostering a society that adopts freedom, open dialogue, and a profound appreciation for science, art, and literature. This vision is deeply rooted in the intricate and diverse Palestinian and Arab context.

Today, Al-Qattan Foundation delivers its services through two primary programs, tailored to benefit Palestinians worldwide. We operate through our cultural centers in Ramallah and Gaza, as well as the Mosaic Rooms in the United Kingdom. With a steadfast commitment to long-term initiatives, our Foundation implements projects and activities that positively impact artists, cultural practitioners, educators, students, children, and their families. We engage a broad spectrum of individuals interested in the fields of art, culture, and education across various disciplines. Our collaboration takes shape through four main avenues:

  • Supporting Culture and Arts: Al-Qattan Foundation endorses this track by offering diverse grants that target institutions, individuals, and groups involved in the cultural sphere. Additionally, we provide opportunities for artistic residencies, aimed at enhancing the capabilities of artists across various domains, along with partnerships in projects and initiatives that aim at invigorating the cultural ecosystem. Through these initiatives, our Foundation plays a pivotal role in the production and development of cultural and artistic projects. We strive to enrich the cultural landscape, strengthen cultural practices, sustain cultural initiatives, and promote solidarity and dialogue among our partners.


  • Learning and Critical Thinking: We actively engage with the educational community by employing methodologies rooted in research, hands-on practice, and continuous learning. We collaborate directly with educators and supervisors, providing fresh insights and innovative tools to transform the teaching and learning process into a collaborative and critical practice. Our approach encourages both students and educators to nurture curiosity, invite questioning, and drive innovation, actively contributing to societal progress.


  • Working with Children and Adolescents: Our foundation focuses on stimulating imagination and creativity in the educational journey of children and adolescents. We aim to develop their abilities in various fields and enhance their skills, knowledge, and experiences. Our programming is guided by the belief that children and adolescents have the right to engage in contemporary educational practices that prepare them for the future, incorporating global technological and intellectual advancements. It is essential to provide them with opportunities to express themselves, and discover their interests.


  • Public Events: Through meticulous planning we curate, organize, and host cultural events, we aim to foster cultural societal dialogues that contribute to the process of positive change. Leveraging culture, education, and arts, we introduce new knowledge and facilitate its accessibility, sparking profound questions for our audience about central and important topics of dialogue.


    Al-Qattan Foundation remains dedicated to its mission, continually striving to enrich the cultural and educational landscape of Palestine and the Arab world, empowering individuals to engage, learn, create, and grow.


An independent Foundation is dedicated to fostering a vibrant cultural and educational environment that promotes emancipatory thought, knowledge, and creativity.



Our vision is of a society characterized by justice, freedom, and tolerance, where dialogue thrives, and science, art, and literature are revered, created, and wield global influence.



  1. Valuing Human Dignity and Advocating for Rights: Rooted in the rich tapestry of human heritage and aligned with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which asserts the equality and dignity of all individuals, Al-Qattan Foundation places paramount importance on personal growth and service to others. We strive for a harmonious balance between individual and collective interests, with a steadfast commitment to delivering comprehensive, high-quality public services.
  2. Freedom, Pluralism, Dialogue, and Knowledge Production: The foundation ardently upholds the fundamental rights to freedom of thought, belief, and expression. These rights are integral to our internal culture and practices, especially within the domains of culture and education. Engaging in dialogue and active participation is at the heart of our mission, fostering the continuous production of knowledge.
  3. Appreciating the Value of Fellowship and Celebrating Productivity: We recognize that achieving our mission and overarching goals hinges on the effectiveness, value, and significance of our efforts in relation to our target groups. We aim to nurture a spirit of fellowship and partnership between the foundation, its dedicated staff, and the diverse communities we serve, whether they be children, artists, teachers, or other beneficiaries.
  4. Courage in Truth: Al-Qattan Foundation acknowledges that development, peace, and sustainable justice require unwavering courage in truth. We boldly raise our voice in support of just humanitarian causes, advocating for positive change and social progress.