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The A.M. Qattan Foundation announces the launch of its groundbreaking initiative, Al-Qattan Podcast, now available exclusively on the A. M. Qattan Foundation YouTube channel. Committed to fostering a dynamic cultural environment and unfettered knowledge production, the podcast aligns with the institution’s spirit of renewal and ambition. In light of the censorship faced by Palestinian-related content across various platforms and social media, the foundation has diligently explored alternative mediums to overcome such suppression. The foundation is choosing an audio format to provide a relatively free space for discussions that matter without the risk of censorship, in response to the evolving technologies that target texts and images related to the war on Gaza and the broader Palestinian situation. This move reflects the institution's core values, emphasizing the importance of courage in defending the truth. Al-Qattan Podcast delves into a spectrum of cultural and educational concerns intricately linked to the Palestinian issue and serves as a platform for in-depth dialogues on the Palestinian reality. Featuring distinguished guests from various fields such as thinkers, theorists, academics, artists, researchers, activists and professionals, the show brings together culture, education and the arts to present new perspectives. Pushing ongoing dialogues beyond narrow confines, it encourages profound questions about central and crucial dialogues and inspirational actions or real effects on methodologies in these fields, aiming to make a lasting contribution to the long-term process of change. 

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