Open Call for Curators: The ‘Social Question’ Exhibition

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Open Call: 

     A. Overview

In light of the ongoing genocidal war waged by the Israeli occupation on the Gaza Strip, the importance of rethinking the Palestinian liberation project is more crucial than ever. We are seeking a visionary curator to lead the ‘Social Question’ exhibition, an initiative aimed at providing alternative and diverse imaginations for a liberated Palestinian society. This exhibition will delve into the archives of civil society organizations as a foundational knowledge base to inspire and construct these imaginations through the works of contemporary artists.

      B. Exhibition Direction

The ‘Social Question’ exhibition will explore multiple and imagined forms of a liberated Palestinian society, free from both direct Israeli occupation and post-colonial dependencies. By researching and dialoguing on the experiences and efforts of Palestinian civil society institutions over the past thirty years, the exhibition aims to define the features of an envisioned Palestinian society. Artists will use these archives to create artworks that reflect and challenge existing sociopolitical structures and propose new paradigms for the future.

 To read the full concept: click here.

       C. Role of the Curator

The selected curator will play a pivotal role in shaping and realizing the exhibition. Key responsibilities include:

  1. Collaborating with Artists: Work closely with participating artists from July to September 2024 as they explore institutional archives, study documents, research, and accumulate documentary materials. Establish conversation with them on their research questions and directions and how research will translate into relevant artwork.
  2. Forming a Steering Committee: Assemble and lead a diverse steering committee that includes academics and other experts as needed. This committee will shape and guide the knowledge direction of the project.
  3. Artistic Direction: produce a clear artistic direction for the exhibition that influence the design of the space, and the arrangement of artworks.
  4. Exhibition Design: Work closely with the exhibition designer to design the exhibition space and produce the layout, ensuring it effectively communicates the project's themes and research.
  5. Exhibition Production: Oversee the installation of artworks according to the technical specifications gathered by artists in close collaboration with the project coordinator, making sure that the space construction matches the design schemes. The installation is planned for early 2025.
  6. Texts and Printings: produce all the text needed for the exhibition including meta material, wall texts, and captions ensuring clarity, accuracy, and alignment with the exhibition’s themes. All text should be accessible by several social groups.
  7. Outlining a Public Program: Outline a comprehensive public program to accompany the exhibition. This program should engage various audiences and partner institutions, ensure balance between exposure, capacity building and knowledge circulation.
  8. Quality Control: Maintain high standards for the artworks, printings, design, layout, and other exhibition components, ensuring they meet the envisioned quality and cohesiveness.

       D. Submission Materials

  1. Curatorial Proposal: A one-page proposal that reflects your understanding of the concept and your unique vision regarding the main questions of the exhibition and your artistic direction.
  2. CV and Portfolio: A detailed CV and portfolio highlighting your previous curatorial work and relevant experience.
  3. References: Contact information for at least two professional references who can speak to your curatorial expertise and collaborative skills.

        E. Submission Deadline

All applications must be submitted by 27 June 2024. Only candidates with proven relevant experience will be considered. Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Contact Information: Please submit your application and any inquiries to