Gaza - A Moment of Becoming Art Exhibition Opens at the Qattan Foundation

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Ramallah, Palestine—On Saturday, 9 March 2024, the Qattan Foundation inaugurated the much-anticipated art exhibition, Gaza - A Moment of Becoming, at its headquarters in Ramallah. This voluntary artistic initiative brought together a diverse and talented group of artists, activists, technicians and designers, in collaboration with esteemed Palestinian institutions such as the Palestinian Artists’ Association, the Forum for Visual Arts, Hosh Al-Fann Palestinian Art Hub, the Palestinian Museum and Birzeit University Museum. 

Showcasing over 160 new artworks, the exhibition offers a poignant response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, casting a spotlight on the transformative moments faced by the Palestinian people. Through the intricate language of art, the exhibition amplifies the muted voice of Gaza, subject to persistent attempts of isolation and siege.

The works embody the collective efforts of the artists who, amid the continuous genocide faced by Palestinians, reflect on their roles and significance during this critical period. Serving as a platform for artistic expression, the exhibition invites artists to convey their emotions, pose thought-provoking questions, and collectively explore the empowering potential of art.

Fida Touma, General Director of the Foundation, delivered a heartfelt welcome during the exhibition opening. She shared the profound impact of the current situation in Gaza on both people and institutions, emphasizing the need for collective unity to address the challenges revealed by these critical moments. Touma extended gratitude to the organizers, attendees present and online participants while conveying a message of love and solidarity to Gaza. The exhibition highlights the artistic response to the crisis and also stands as a testament to the resilience and strength of the Palestinian people.

Renowned Palestinian artist Suleiman Mansour underscored the essential role of Palestinian art in aligning with the struggles of its people. In this pivotal moment in human history, participating artists recognize the necessity of reevaluating their roles, using art as a powerful tool to amplify their voices in the ongoing struggle.

This exhibition evokes memories of collective exhibitions from the 1970s and 1980s, emphasizing the continued commitment of Palestinian artists to the cause. Dima Arshid, director of the Visual Arts Forum, emphasized the importance of supporting the artistic movement in Gaza and the necessity of collective action in times of crisis. More than a mere display of artworks, the exhibition represents a cooperative artistic experience that unites the Palestinian artistic movement. Proceeds from the sale of artworks are dedicated to supporting the artistic community in Gaza, currently facing annihilation. As the exhibition concludes, the initiative plans to unfold into a series of exhibitions, reaching wider regions and geographies. Both artists and organizers aspire to use art as a powerful tool to advocate for the Palestinian cause on a global scale.