Open Call | Spring 2024 edition of the " Masahaat Project"

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Open Call: 

In the previous edition of the "Masahaat" project, our primary aim was to create accessible spaces for cultural and artistic expression amidst the challenges posed by cultural suppression. We strived to offer platforms for Palestinians and non-Palestinians alike to share and engage with diverse cultural content. This was especially crucial given the escalating efforts to erase Palestinian identities and voices.


Continuing this mission, we are pleased to launch the latest iteration of the "Masahaat" project, in collaboration with the Ramallah Municipality, the Palestinian Museum, the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Centre and RIWAQ – centre of architectural conservation. This marks the first step towards establishing a broader, more inclusive platform. We believe that now, more than ever, it is essential to assert and strengthen Palestinian presence through various means and resources.


"Masahaat" invites cultural actors, academics, artists and activists to contribute to cultural resilience and intellectual discourse. We encourage proposals for presentations, workshops, research and documentation projects that address the challenges faced by Palestinians and contribute to their resilience against Israeli aggression.


Please review the application guidelines before applying: Application Form


For inquiries, please contact us at:


Important Notes:

  • This call is open to individuals, groups and cultural institutions.
  • Institutions in Ramallah are offering spaces and facilities to host meetings related to this call.
  • A committee of experts will review applications and make decisions aligned with the current Palestinian context.
  • Institutional support is limited to technical and logistical assistance.
  • Applications should align with the core values of participating institutions.
  • The organization of project activities is subject to the local political situation.