Hosting Book Launch Ceremonies at the Leila Miqdadi Al-Qattan Library

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Open Call: 

The Leila Miqdadi Al-Qattan Library cordially invites those interested in organizing book launch ceremonies at Al-Qattan Cultural Centre in Ramallah to share information about their new or forthcoming publications, which we aim, through hosting, to promote the knowledge value they convey and enrich the cultural scene.

Book launch ceremonies will be held from June 1 to December 15, 2023. A committee of experts, both within and outside the Foundation, will consider the applications and evaluate their relevance to the terms and conditions. In addition to making its venues available, the Foundation contributes to providing the required technical and logistic aid/ support according to available resources, including necessary media coverage for each event.

Application deadline: May 1, 2023.

Please, read the terms and conditions prior to filling out the application.

Application form

For inquiries, please email us at:

Terms and conditions:

  • This invitation is addressed to male and female writers, academic, and cultural activists.
  • The applicant should suggest names of interviewers and/ or guests, and arrange with them in coordination with the library.
  • Submitted applications’ review and hosting recommendation is the responsibility of the relevant members of the book committee and the library team, in accordance with the vision of the A.M. Qattan Foundation.
  • The Foundation provides the technical needs related to the book launch ceremonies based on available options to the Foundation.
  • The Foundation’s contribution is limited to providing technical, logistic, and media support, and does not provide any financial allowances for organizing the events.
  • The Foundation’s work is based on core/ fundamental values, and therefore will not consider any work that is inconsistent with these values.