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Al-Qattan Cultural Centre - Gaza

contains books and other media and offers a variety of library, information, cultural, scientific, and recreational services, making it one of the largest and most sophisticated centres in the Arab World.

Established to compensate for the lack of opportunities and incentives open to children at school and elsewhere in the year 2000 and was opened officially in  September of 2005. It aims to nurture children’s (from the age of birth to age 17) curiosity, expand their knowledge, facilitate their access to outside cultures, enhance their appreciation of arts and sciences, and consolidate their sense of belonging to their cultural identity. The Centre also offers a variety of library and information services, cultural and recreational programmes, professional empowerment programmes for librarians and early childhood professionals, and joint activities for children and their parents.

QCC's Science and Technology Programme offers fun and interactive science activities to children to encourage them to discover and appreciate science and technology.

The Centre’s services extend beyond its headquarters to marginalised areas, where it provides library, cultural, scientific, and recreational services to children through the Mobile Library Project and the "Child Friendly Spaces" project, which both serve in many locations in the Gaza Strip, outside the QCC building.


Working Hours:

Sunday-Thursday from 8am - 4pm

Except Sunday and Wednesday - until 6pm