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The idea of establishing the Ni’lin Teacher Centre was initiated by AMQF's Educational Research and Development Programme (ERDP). It is a programme that targets all teachers in the Ni’lin area. Tailored to expand their educational and cultural prospects, the Ni’lin Teacher Centre invites teachers to work and use all the sources of knowledge it provides. It also serves as a link between the AMQF and teachers in more than 11 areas.

In this context, several activities have been organised in the Ni’lin Teacher Centre. Within these, tracks have been proposed to work with teachers to develop their capacities in class. The Centre aims at moving to a new level of working with teachers. By opening new horizons for them, it nurtures an educational and cultural forum that helps teachers to develop teaching methods and to rejuvenate the role of education and knowledge in local communities. The Centre also provides opportunities for teachers to share experiences and interact with one another as well as with their social surroundings. To this avail, the Centre organises educational and cultural activities, which targets teachers, students, and local communities at large and plays a role in providing sources of knowledge, implementing a variety of programmes and hosting cultural events.

The Ni’lin Teacher Centre aims to:

  • Provide a cultural / educational space that is supported by culture and art activities and events sponsored by the AMQF. The Centre also implements initiatives targeting teachers and local communities with a view to serving their local contexts and fulfilling their needs.
  • Create a context for teachers to meet, share experience, and interact with their social surroundings.
  • Develop similar programmes, targeting other teachers in the Ni’lin area. These are designed by teachers, who have had a distinctive experience with the ERDP. Accordingly, the number of teachers who interact with the ERDP experience is increased.
  • Provide sources of knowledge including an education library, publications, and visual resources.
  • Provide a hub to share experience between teachers in the Ni’lin area, the AMQF, and other teachers who take part in AMQF programmes.
  • Coordinate and organise AMQF activities with other centres and institutions.
  • Provide ERDP publications to teacher centres and distributed copies to teachers.
  • Increase the number of teachers engaged in the ERDP activities, including the variety of programmes, publications, and resources its provides.