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Q-Tours are a series of planned visits, organised by the PP and the Public Relation Unit to A. M. Qattan Foundation new building. The main aim of the bimonthly visits is to introduce the general public, Foundation’s partners, and benefiters to the new building, which is foreseen as a beacon of knowledge and a vehicle that transcends the work of the Foundation and its partners to a more viable contribution to the cultural landscape and its current ordeals.

These visits are essential to break the barriers between the visitors and the novel architectural style of the building, which is designed by the Spanish firm Donaire Arquitectos, the winner of the international design competition organized by the A. M. Qattan Foundation in 2012.

The tours will embark on familiarising the visitors with the 7,730m2 facilities ranging from a library, multipurpose halls, and an exhibition space, to a visual arts studio, a performing arts studio, an education studio, a small theatre, restaurant and multiple terraces and gardens for various functions.

The visitors will also learn about the programmes of the A. M. Qattan Foundation and their latest productions and activities, whereby they will be encouraged to partake in a range of platforms and events designated to the general public.

Q-tours will be running for a couple of years after the inauguration of the building, whilst the programme of the tours will develop in the future to include venues and activities outside the new building.