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20 Days

Based on the ongoing discussion with local cultural institutions and practitioners, there is an emergent need for a permanent programme that enables creators in various cultural fields (i.e. theatre, exhibition, performance, poetry, photography…etc) to conduct short term challenges within one day. These experiments in the form of workshops are conducted by mixed groups of creators and amateurs in a certain field, whereby they debate and produce ideas and implement them in the same day. Each year 20 Days, allows a curator to plan its direction, focus and format, whilst dispersing these 20 days of experiments along the whole year. The venues of 20 Days are also distributed all around the Palestinian geography.

This style of one day experiments promotes agility, dexterity, teamwork, exchange, and collaboration; it also instils technique learning and time management between inception of ideas and their implementation. 20 Days makes it possible for professionals to engage with participants from unrelated fields and proficiencies.