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Exhibit Creation and Development

A team of five exhibit developers experiment continuously with science exhibits and work closely with researchers and community members to modify and develop their workings. These exhibits aim to provide a hands-on learning experience for the learner, where what is to be learned is directly communicated to and analyzed in the eyes of the learner. 


Teachers’ Professional Development

The Science Studio provides professional development opportunities for school teachers and students, with the aim of integrating informal science learning activities within the formal educational system. Training in ideation and product prototyping is provided, as well as ways in which tinkering can be integrated into everyday teaching techniques. 


The Tinkering Lab (Karkasha)

This is a kinetic participatory space for co-designing and creating prototypes and models, where audiences use simple material and take up an active role in the process of creation and development. The philosophy of tinkering works toward closing the gap between thinking and creating  and focuses on using our hands as our main assets for learning. 

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Mentoring Programme

This is a program aimed to recruit three to five fresh university graduates from the fields of engineering, design, science and art. They are trained to become qualified exhibit developers and potentially become an integral asset to the continuity and development of the Science Studio. 


Science for All (Public Programme)

This programme includes a number of events aimed to target members of the community and direct them to the Science Studio. 


Opening the Studio for the public

The Science Studio welcomes learners, students, schools, artists, designers, educators and the general public to experiment with and learn from the science exhibits in the studio. This program aims to involve as much people and as many creative minds as possible into the work of the studio for the development of a better final product.  


Science Exhibits in Public Spaces 

The Science Studio’s staff create and design exhibits to be used in public spaces and by the public as a way of integrating science directly into the community. 



The Science Festivals are organized as part of an annual scientific educational programme held in different parts of Palestine. Festivals are implemented in partnership with cultural and educational organizations and are run by teachers and early childhood educators who are involved in the Educational Programme. We aim to stimulate children’s passion for science in selected scientific themes, and to present those themes through scientific films, panel discussions, activities, experiments and exhibits.

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The Science Studio will be hosting artists and providing them with scientific, artistic, and manufactural knowledge to further incorporate them into the scope of the work of the studio.