Dozens of participants from Ramallah, Gaza, Ni’lin and Anabta enrolled in the playwriting courses offered by the ERDP. These covered aspects of the art form, including the context, characters, tension, dramatic action, and dialogue writing. In addition, intensive workshops addressed the approach of Edward Bond, a significant playwright of the 20th century. Delivered by researchers and specialists, all courses and workshops were informed by theoretical and practical methodologies.


In groups, participants discussed and selected several themes they liked to write about according to their areas. Themes included immigration, social media networks, the impact of a consumerist way of life on the society, marginalisation of women, liberation as a collective responsibility, etc.


Having produced plans to write plays about these themes, groups developed final drafts of their plays. A number of these drafts will be developed into theatrical performances and readings. Contributions will be published in a book, which combines the texts produced in all courses.