Research Seminar

The Research Seminar aims to develop teachers’ applied research skills in the classroom. Two Seminars have been held so far under the direction of British drama in education expert, Professor David Davis, with 20 teachers participating each time. Participants are taught about research methods, tools, procedures, and the best way to select research topics. Next they work to develop a lesson plan based on their findings, and a process for evaluating its success. Professor Davis also attends lesson plan implementation sessions to monitor the performance of participating teachers, who are then evaluated by the group.

A third seminar is currently in progress, for which Professor Davis is working with a group of teachers from a range of disciplines from early childhood through to high school. The course will run for a period of two years, during which time Professor Davis will make four visits to Palestine to hold seminars and attend classes taught by participating teachers.

Over the two years the group will explore each other’s methods for using drama in the classroom. This will be followed by an identification of key research areas and training in how to produce research into the use of drama in education. The Research Seminar project team will organise regular meetings that will include training on planning, implementation and data analysis. Professor Davis will join remotely to oversee meetings, assess lessons and follow up on research projects.