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Filmmaking provides a context for learning the mechanisms needed to create meaning as well as to develop and express ideas in a variety of forms. It is also a subject of learning by itself: How do we make our own films?


The first station of the Cinema Culture programme was initiated with preparatory school students. Organised by schools and students themselves who will curate film festivals in their towns. They will select films, design promotional materials and find suitable halls for film screenings.


The scope of the project was expanded so as to use cinema in education. In October 2016, a new project phase was launched in partnership with the Madrasati Palestine Initiative to produce films as a context for learning. In the context of this project, students from Jerusalem, Nablus, Hebron and Ramallah participated in a six-month training programme and had the experience of making their own films. The training covered all filmmaking aspects, starting with conceiving an idea, script writing, footage and montage. The training programme was supervised jointly by ERDP researchers and local filmmakers. Ultimately,  transferred this experience to children in conjunction with the training event.


screened the films they produced together with their students over the course of the project. These films addressed a variety of themes, including some ’ incessant scolding of students, damage caused by smoking, and homework burden, which denies students the opportunity to explore and enjoy their childhood.