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The Outreach Services Programme (OSP) offers library, cultural, artistic, and recreational activities to children up to 15 years of age living in remote and deprived areas of the Gaza Strip. The OSP operates a mobile library, tours cultural activities, and fosters partnerships with other children’s libraries. The programme works with local schools and children’s institutions to reach as many children as possible.


·         A mobile library from which children can borrow books free of charge.

·         Supporting cultural activities focused on child development.

·         Arranging visits to the Qattan Centre for the Child for children living in remote areas of the Gaza Strip.

·         Empowering staff at local children’s institutions through training and professional development.


Between its launch in 2005 and the end of 2012, the Outreach Services Programme reached more than 214,000 children, 2,750 parents, and 204 childcare professionals through collaborations with 450 beneficiary organisations (including schools, kindergartens, and children’s organisations).

98 local schools, kindergartens and community and children’s organisations have benefited from the OSP’s mobile library, with more than 59,000 library materials being lent out to children, parents, and childcare professionals.

130 awareness-raising seminars have been conducted with parents, and tendevelopmentcourses held for professionals working at partner institutions.

Around 90 animators have taught their craft to children through the OSP, and over 200 artistic and recreational events have been implemented in schools and kindergartens. The OSP has also provided grants to nine school libraries to assist them in growing their collections.