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The Information Technology Unit offers computer literacy training and awareness services for children, parents and childcare professionals.

Training courses vary from how to use different software programmes, to graphic design, website design, to programming, all taught in a child-friendly manner.

The Unit also offers a number of activities for children ranging from instructions on safe internet use, to discussions about the latest technological innovations– all of which enable them to increase their knowledge of relevant subjects on the National Curriculum. The Centre has a well-equipped computer lab.


The Centre’s many clubs provide a space for children to develop their skills and abilities in various ways, and to work and play together with other children and learn from experts. 

Web Designers Club

The Web Designers Club gives children the opportunity to learn how to use software for designing web pages and developing graphics. This enables them to create their own websitesand share their likes and hobbies with friends, as well as developing their technology skills and gaining experience in research and information gathering. 

Programmers Club

The Programmers’ Club teaches children working at varying degrees of ability on how to use different programming languages. The club aims to develop their programming skills and encourage them to create content with a scientific and /or entertainment bent that they can share with other children.