Young Writer of the Year Award

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Each year the Culture and Arts Programme holds the Young Writer of the Year Award, alternating between awards for novels and plays (odd years), and poetry and short story (even years).

The Young Writer of the Year Award for Poetry in 2010 was awarded to Asma Azayze (Dabouria/Nazereth) for her collection, Liwa. Dalia Taha’s collection, Less Metaphorical, received a commendation, and both were recommended for publication.

The Young Short Story Writer Award and recommendation for publication was won by both Saleem Albaik (Tarshiha, Galilee) for his collection, Cheesecake Cherries, and Israa Kalash (Jenin) for her collection, Typographical Error. Mais Dagher (Noubani Farms, Ramallah) received a commendation for her collection, Tattling.