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Non-allocation of Grants and Awards

CAP reserves the right not to issue an award or grant, in cases where submissions do not fulfil the criteria. 


  1. Applicants are solely responsible for submitting their work and any attendant forms to the appropriate CAP contact.
  2. CAP is not obliged to consider any application that is incomplete, that does not satisfy the application criteria and/or is not submitted with all the required forms.
  3. CAP is not obliged to return grant or award submissions to any applicants, whether successful or not.
  4. CAP, or its nominated judges, will announce the results of all grants and awards. CAP is not obliged to inform applicants individually of the results or details of the deliberation process.
  5. CAP will consider proposals three times per year: at the end of February, the end of June and the end of September. Applicants must submit all necessary materials and fill out all required forms by the deadlines given. CAP is not obliged to respond to any applications that are submitted before or after the deadline.
  6. Recipients of the Young Writer or Young Artist Awards are not eligible to apply again within the same category.
  7. The maximum amount of any scholarship awarded by CAP should not exceed the total amount required to complete the course of study in question.