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The Board of Trustees is the highest governing body of the A.M. Qattan Foundation. It has ultimate responsibility for setting the overall strategy and organisational policies, overseeing programmes and activities, monitoring and evaluating the legal and financial position of the Foundation and for providing the resources needed for its sustainability and advancement.

While the Foundation’s first board was composed of its founding members from the Al-Qattan family, these now comprise a minority and are supported by a number of independent trustees with a variety of relevant expertise. In addition to the trustees, other Al-Qattan family members over the age of 30 retain a close though informal relationship with the Board through an honorary family council.

Merit and excellence form the basis of the Foundation’s recruitment approach, which has a strict policy against discrimination based on gender, ethnic, confessional or political allegiance. Currently more than 80 staff members work at the Foundation's offices in London, Ramallah, and Gaza, 45% of whom are women.

The Director General is the highest-ranking executive in charge of the overall management of the Foundation, and the main liaison with the Board of Trustees. Consultations on strategy, policies and work plans are carried out through the Management Committee.