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Jury Members Selection Criteria

The AMQF appoints an independent jury to assess the grant applications of the VAFF project. Jury members meet the following criteria:

  • Share the Foundation’s vision, mission and values, or at least not hold views or practices that contradict its direction.
  • Have a broad knowledge and expertise of the visual arts field in Palestine.
  • Are objective and unbiased to certain creative practices.
  • Are able to articulate fair and objective opinions, to evaluate other people’s work, make comparisons, and work and debate in a group decision-making process.
  • Enjoy the appreciation, respect and trust of their peers and professionals in the field.
  • Are ready and available to review applications, attend meetings and actively engage in the assessment process.
  • Team work capabilities.
  • No conflict of interest of any kind, such as being associated with one of the applying organisations / individuals.