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Young Artist Of The Year Award 2012 Catalogue Published

A catalogue documenting the 7th  biennial  of the Young Artist of the Year Award - YAYA12, entitled, To Animate the Silence, was recently published by the Culture and Arts Programme.


The catalogue, which is published in Arabic and English, includes two critical essays, the first entitled, Oscillation Between Two Presents, by Reem Shilleh and Yazan Khalili, both of whom, along with Gaza artist Mohammad Musallam, form the curatorial team for the exhibition. The second essay, entitled, Palestine After Pasolini, is by Negar Azimi. She is a writer and a the senior editor of award winning arts and culture magazine, Bidoun, and a member of the competition jury, along with Benoit Tadie, Head of Cooperation at the French Consulate General and Director of the French Institute in Jerusalem, as well as artist Khaled Hourani, Director of the International Academy of Arts - Palestine, Rula Halawani, Director of the Photographic Unit at Birzeit University, Italian artist Marco Nereo Rotelli, and artist Nicola Gray, writer, editor and curator. Gray is also one of the catalogue editors along with Mahmoud Abu Hashhash, Director of the Culture and Arts Programme.


The catalogue includes the works of participating artists in the final stage of the competition. These are: Safi by Inas Halabi, Imagined Cities (work in progress) by Jumana Munna, Meander by Stephanie Saade, Promises by Shada Safadi, Stonified Voice by Dirar Kalash, Untitled by Dia’ Azzeh, Womb by Abdullah Ruzzi, The Ceremonial Vniform, [MMXII] by Omarivs Ioseph Filivs Dinae, Mohamad Bouazizi by Majd Abdel Hamid, and This Mined Land of Ours by Mirna Bamieh.


The catalogue was designed by Dina Khalil. It is comprised of 172 pages.