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Translation of 'Researching Children Researching the World: 5x5x5=Creativity'

The Qattan Centre for Educational Research and Development in cooperation with the Welfare Association published the book Researching Children Researching the World: 5x5x5=creativity edited by Susie Bancroft, Mary Fawcett and Benny Hay and translated by Issa Bisharah.


The book is part of the Centre’s Art and Childhood Educational Series; it focuses on the creative capacities children are born with and how their creative potential can be enhanced in educational settings and in their homes. This arts-based research project sees creativity as a life-long capacity that affects all aspects of children’s development.


5x5x5=creativity originally involved five educational settings, five artists and five cultural centres (galleries, theatres, music centres) working in dynamic, multi-professional and research based partnerships to support young children’s creativity. The book presents the findings of a research that took place over seven years in 55 schools and preschools in five local authorities in the UK.