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The brochure, which is available in both Arabic and English, contains a number of important contributions. In "Incredible Things", artist and curator Khaled Hourani talks about the competition in its first and second rounds, about its beginnings and of the impact it has accumulated over the years, while in "Palestinianness", Alaa Younes addresses the issue of the complexity of the Palestinian identity, and how it is reflected on the participating artworks. In her article "With Minimal Force," writer and art critic Adania Shibli discusses forms of play and cunning as ways that many Palestinian artists use to confront political oppression. In “Questions to Artists”, curator and writer Hanan Toukan talks with some of the participants about the development of the competition since its inception, and the nature of the art production process in Palestine.

Editor: Alaa Younes


The catalogue is available at the Leila Miqdadi Al-Qattan Library and below.