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Educating for Hope in Troubled Times

In its series of publications on education and the environment, The Qattan Centre for Educational Research and Development (QCERD) has recently published the Arabic translation of Educating for Hope in Troubled Times: Climate Change and the Transition to a Post-Carbon Future, by David Hicks. Hicks is an educator and former professor in the School of Education, Bath Spa University, UK, with a particular interest in education for sustainability.


His book explores three global issues: climate change, the oil peak, and the limits to growth. It highlights current changes in the world which, although inevitable, remain largely unknown. It addresses attitudes and feelings resulting from coming global transformations, and provides educators with methods to deal with such vital, yet usually avoided, issues. It also introduces ways to exchange success stories and plant seeds of hope for the future.


The book is in 264 medium-sized pages, and was translated from English by Dr. Yousef Teebs.


To obtain a copy, please contact QCERD/A. M. Qattan Foundation – Ramallah at the following email address: publication@qcerd.qattanfoundation.org

Or call us on: 00970 2 2963281