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The Library’s Mission and Vision

The library and the A.M Qattan Foundation’s visions align, as they both strive to a knowledge society that is characterised by justice, freedom, and tolerance, as well as it embraces dialogue, appreciates knowledge, art, and literature and creates them, in addition to being a society with an international presence.  

The mission is to develop a library of educational sciences within their cultural, social, and philosophical contexts and to create an educational space that goes beyond the traditional role of the library. This space offers interactive learning experiences between individuals through dialogue, discussion, exchanging ideas, and engaging in the library’s programmes. It also advances quality resources in the fields of education and culture and makes them accessible to individuals such as educators, researchers, artists, writers, families, and children. The library, moreover, seeks to fulfill the research needs in Palestine in the fields of education, research, culture, and art and to encourage reading among different age groups in the Palestinian society.