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Educators, Researchers, and Students

(A.M Qattan Foundation photo archive, 2019)

The library offers its student, researcher, and educator members a variety of sources either in the form of books, journals, or digital sources the library subscribed to. It also keeps pace with and makes available to the public the most recent educational and intellectual publications as well as it provides educators with hundreds of procedural and practical research models that they can benefit from to enhance the educational process. In addition, the library advances through the publication track of the Educational Research and  Development Programme tens of translated books in the fields of drama in education, arts in education, the story in education, cinema at school, children literature, and studies related to science, arts, museums, and libraries.

The library seeks to be a platform for educators to become researchers in their own classrooms through contemplating their educational practices using educational readings and being updated on the pedagogic trends around the world.

The library, in addition, provides educators and researchers the opportunity to read tens of educational journals, especially “Rua’ Tarbawiyya” that is published by the ERDP at A.M Qattan. Educators and researchers can contribute to the journal by contacting the editorial board. You can learn more about the journal here.

Laila Al-Miqdadi library encourages educators, researchers, and students to submit proposals on organising discussions about educational topics related to the Palestinian and international contexts; these topics cover school curricula, management, arts in education, tests systems, educator movements, and other topics that require discussions.