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Co-funding Partners

Stemming from its intention to ensure its independence and highest level of services, the Foundation’s main funding source is and has always been the Al-Qattan Charitable Trust (QCT). Since the establishment of the Foundation and up until 2004, every dollar spent on the administration and core programmes and activities of the Foundation came from the QCT. In 2004 the Board of Trustees (BoT) approved for the first time external co-funding from the European Commission (EC) for the Palestinian Audio-visual (PAV) Project that ran over five years. Later on, in 2009, The Foundation’s BoT took an important strategic decision to increase the Foundation’s budget, with the aim of increasing external co-funding, provided that it does not exceed 40% of the Foundation's annual budget and does not in any way compromise the Foundation’s vision, mission and values in serving the Palestinian and Arab communities.  

Since 2009 the Foundation continues to seek external unconditional co-funding to expand existing activities and/or to introduce new projects within the framework of its core programmes. It has had a number of strategic partners that believe in the Foundation’s mission and vision, and that have made significant contributions to the art, culture, education and child development sectors. To these partners, our friends, we extend our sincere gratitude.