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Partners and Friends


The A. M. Qattan Foundation designs its programmes and provides its resources for the benefit of distinct society groups in the Palestinian community, in a way that encourages them to become their own driving force behind their self-development and to become self-motivated to lead change and contribute, in their turn, towards the achievement of the Foundation’s vision. We look at these groups as our social partners. These are:

  1. Children, especially in Gaza through the Child Centre/ Gaza (CCG); in addition to parents, childcare professionals, and organisations working with children.
  2. Young artists, both individuals, collectives, and organisations operating in the cultural and artistic field in Palestine and abroad.
  3. Teachers in Palestine including those working for UNRWA, governmental and private schools. Teachers from the Arab World also benefit from some of the Foundation’s activities.

The additional support from our co-funding partners has helped us reach out to many more people than we could have reached on our own, these are our friends that have believed in our work and generously devoted additional resources to the benefit of the Palestinian community. The Foundation also enjoys the support of a number of implementing partners such as local and international organisations, schools, community centres and networks with whom the Foundation cooperates in the implementation of its programmes and activities. To each and every one of our partners and friends, we extend our sincere gratitude.

Co-funding Partners
Implementing Partners