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"Snoring" by Razan Banoora. Poetry collection launching ceremony

The culture and arts programme at A.M Qattan foundation had organised along with the Mahmoud Darwish museum the release party of "Snoring", the first poetry collection for  Razan Banoora, on Wednesday 30/1/2019, at Mahmoud Darwish museum. The poetry collection was introduced by the poet Wasim Kurdi, while the event was curated by the poet Faris Saba'neh. 

The  poetry collection was recommended for publication by the judges committee of the Young Writer awards for the year 2017, which is organised by the culture and arts programme at A.M. Qattan Foundation since 2000. The awards offers a first prize in the field of novels, poetry, short stories , in addition to publishing the winning literary works, and the works recommended for publication by the judges committee. 

Razan Banoora was born in Bethlehem, where she also works now as a lawyer. She finished her BA in Law at the Palestine National University in 2015. She published several poems and stories in different local and regional  magazines and newspapers, both in print and digital.