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Teacher Forum Events, June 2018


In June 2018, teacher forums organised several events. These served as initiatives taken by male and female teachers who work independently across Palestinian governorates. Teachers receive moral and material support from the Educational Research and Development Programme (ERDP) / A. M. Qattan Foundation (AMQF).


Continuous activation of the Khan Yunis Teacher Forum


On Saturday, 30 June 2018, the Khan Yunis Teacher Forum held a meeting to discuss technical and administrative issues of the forum. Discussion included an assessment of the events organised since the beginning of 2018, plan for next months, and mechanisms to document and announce the plan. Members also reviewed the development of social engagement through field visits to educational and cultural institutions.


The Khan Yunis Teacher Forum discussed a deeper engagement with early childhood educators and drama-based investigation. In addition to participation in ERDP tracks in Gaza, discussants reviewed the plan for the Cultural and Intellectual Salon, which the forum established in partnership with the Safe Home Youth Centre.


In the context of its My Surroundings and Me campaign, the Khan Yunis Teacher Forum made field visits to several institutions. Students visited the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, learned about the centre’s lines of activities, documentation of violations and social issues, and legal accountability.


Students also visited the Ethar Youth Centre, which expressed willingness to work with students and invest and put the centre’s resources at community service. Students had a tour around the centre’s facilities, including cultural theatre, library, and science encyclopaedias. They also had conversations with visitors and centre staff.


By these visits, the Khan Yunis Teacher Forum seeks to engage in field activities and allow students to explore their social surroundings. Students can have first-hand knowledge of local community organisations through coaching and active participation.



Within the framework of project-based learning, Hamdan al-Agha, Khan Yunis Teacher Forum Coordinator, held an encounter, titled Learning for Action. Organised via videoconference, the encounter brought together a number of Arab trainers. It was delivered in collaboration with the International Parliament for Scientists of Human Development and The Hayat al Jadida University Open - Online Handelsbolag, Sweden.


The encounter addressed an article published in the Ru’a Tarbawiyya Quarterly by Malik Al-Remawi. In this article, Al-Remawi elaborates on the concept of project-based learning, its relevance to creating community partnerships, and impact of the dichotomy of action and power on project-based learning.


A beehive in Beit Ur



The Beit Ur al-Foqa Teacher Forum organised a science and art event on the design of beehives. The event brought together 25 male and female students of the 5th-9th primary grades at the Al-Tira/Beit Ur al-Foqa Mixed Secondary School.


In this event, students learned about the life of bees and beehives. Students made beehives using recycled coloured paper. Participants interacted with the beehive making process and made several suggestions to put beehives for new uses, such as a stationery keepsake boxes and picture frames.