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Signing Strategic Partnership Agreement with Welfare Association

On October 31, the Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding for strategic partnership with the Welfare Association. This understanding is based on the two institutions’ compatibility in vision, philosophy and development objectives, particularly in the areas of culture and education; adoption of management based on rational and transparent foundations; commitment to standards of quality and integrity; and building on the experience of joint successful work over the past five years, during which they implemented more than 11 joint projects worth over $1.6 million. The MoU calls for cooperation between the two institutions and coordination of their efforts in the sectors of culture and education in general, as well as in programmes that intersect between the two parties within those two sectors in particular. It also calls for engaging in long-term partnerships over a minimum of three years to fund and implement programmes or projects agreed upon by the two parties and complying with their strategic plans. The MoU specifies that the two parties will work on building joint programmes and strategic interventions in the culture and education sectors, exchange information and experiences, and partner in activities that serve the development of related programmes and projects. Furthermore, the MoU encourages the two organisation to benefit mutually from each other’s expertise and resources.