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Palestinian Music Expo: A New Window to the World


15 April 2018


On Friday night, 13 April 2018, the Palestinian Music Expo (PMX) was concluded. Organised for the second year in a row, PMX 2018 hosted Palestinian artists and professionals in the international music industry from record labels and live music booking agencies. The event also brought together music supervisors, music festival promoters, and media representatives.


PMX provides a platform to present music produced by Palestinian music bands to world-class music makers.


Photo: Nayef Khoury

Photo: Nayef Khoury


What does PMX add to the musical scene?


According to Samir Joubran, a renowned musician and a member of Le Trio Joubran, this large number of music bands, which perform authentic works of their own creation, turning away from traditional patterns, is rare on the Arab world level.


A total of 25 Palestinian music bands from across Palestine participated in PMX 2018. Over three days, music bands presented works to 41 representatives of music production and promotion companies from around the world.


Mahmoud Jariri, member of PMX Coordination Committee and artist of the DAM Band (Lod), said: “Compared to the last year, the increasing participation this year was positively surprising. The number rose from of 28 to 41 representatives of international music labels, and from 21 to 25 Palestinian music bands. This reflects a globally growing attention to the music produced in Palestine.”


According to Mohammad Maragha from the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music, an organiser of PMX 2018, a wide variety of music genres, including Rap Rock, were performed this year. These genres did not exist in the 1990s.


Photo: Nayef Khoury


A Palestinian expo in a global context


Joubran elaborates that the Palestinian music scene is one of the richest cultural avenues in the Arab region. “Although a state or an adequate music infrastructure does not exist in Palestine, we can be proud of what we have achieved. It is not just about music, but this is also the case of the cinema, for example.” Joubran added.


Joubran noted that PMX works differently. Usually, an artist goes out to the world, but this expo brings the world to us. This does not happen even in Europe.


Music producer, PMX founder and partner Martin Goldschmidt stated: “In the west, we see Palestinians through the media, which sends a wrong picture. When we come here, we find out that the journey is worth it. It has changed many of our notions about Palestinians. PMX does not dictate how people should think about Palestinians, but it shows what helps them to be familiar with these people.”


PMX 2018 events involved a workshop that allowed music bands and artists to present their works to, and receive feedback immediately from, music professionals. PMX 2018 also featured workshops that provided capacity building to artists. These offered advice on self-reliance in the music business and improves skills of successful performance and interaction with the audience.


In partnership with the A. M. Qattan Foundation, PMX 2018 was jointly organised by 13 music conservatories and companies.


Press conference on the launch of PMX 2018 at the A. M. Qattan Foundation