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Gaza: Students make art using mathematical equations

Gaza – A.M. Qattan Foundation:

Students of Banat al-Zeitoun Elementary Girls School “B” participated in the ‘Design Your Scientific Project’ Programme organised by the Childs Centre – Gaza/ A.M. Qattan Foundation, where they learned mathematics through linear and parametric equations describing various forms of art and architecture. The students were able to connect mathematics as a science to its possibilities for producing artistic forms.


During their participation in the programme, students were able to find mathematical equations for drawings of their imagination, then applied them on chart papers, and applied them on wooden boards using nails and coloured wool threads.


Raghd Hourani thought the experience changed the way she views mathematics saying, “We made art from mathematical equations that changed the way we think about mathematics.”

While her colleague, Rana Sha’t expressed her admiration for the idea of the programme, pointing out that this has increased her love for mathematics and gave her the knowledge to apply it in her daily life.

The Childs Centre – Gaza has been running the “Design Your Science Project” Programme since 2016. The programme is based on the do-it-yourself – DIY method and organises a number of interactive scnience activities that encourage children to design and create scientific projects using simple and available materials.

The Design Your Science Project Programme includes an art and science exhibition space where children display their different scientific and mathematical projects.