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Gaza: Students of the Asma’ Elementary School Participate in "On a Book's Wing" Programme at the CCG


Female students of the Asma’ Elementary School C participated in activities of the on a book's wing programme, implemented by the Child Centre - Gaza (CCG) of the A. M. Qattan Foundation. On a book's wing​​​​​​​ is one of the Spring 2018 programmes, which the CCG delivers over February-April 2018 in collaboration with the Asma’ Elementary School C and Jabalya Elementary School A.


In the second encounter of the programme, students learned about the stages of processing a book from the moment it arrives until it is made available for public access at the library. Students were also introduced to accompanying technical processes.


On her tour around the CCG Library together with her classmates, Wala’ al-Dayeh, a 10-year-old girl, said: “Earlier, I used to see books, but did not understand the details written on them. Today, I have benefited a lot and learned more about libraries and book categories. I have also learned what a publishing house means.”



Afaf al-Tatari, Librarian of the Asma’ Elementary School C, stated: “Students’ participation in the programme is an enriching experience because it prepares them to take part in the reading and creative writing competitions organised by UNRWA.”


On a book's wing​​​​​​​ mainly aims at introducing children to the types of written texts and exploring reflective and analytical reading skills, enabling an in-depth understanding of various text types. The programme also seeks to encourage children to produce their own texts, which express their ideas, creative outputs, and surrounding environment.


During the CCG Spring 2018 events, almost 40 students of the 4th and 5th grades have benefited from the on a book's wing​​​​​​​ programme. Spring 2018 activities run through April 2018.