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Gaza: Students of the “Design Your Science Project” programme participate in a science exhibition

Gaza – (A.M. Qattan Foundation – 10 April 2019)

Students of the “Design your Science Project” programme participated in a science exhibition entitled “Excellence has a Story”, which was opened on Wednesday, 10th of April 2019, by the Jabalia Secondary Girls School (A).

The exhibition showcased the scientific outputs produced by the students during their participation over an academic year in the “Design Your Science Project” programme organised by the Child Centre Gaza (CCG)/A.M. Qattan Foundation at the Science Activities Hall.

Among these scientific exhibits was a self-illuminating night light which lights on its own in the absence of light around the optical sensor.

Student Najah abu-Za’nooneh expressed how she benefited from the experience and from particpating in the programme which enabled her to learn new scientific concepts she had not known, and described her experience as wonderful.

Her colleague, Israa Abu Sa’da, explained the “Blind’s Table” project to the audience, and told us that her participation in the programme reinforced her self-confidence and made her capable of expressing the concept of her project and explaining it to the visitors of the exhibition. She said “Before, I was not able to stand in front of people and talk, my participation in the exhibition today made me more confident, and it gave me the courage to explain my project.”

In a speech during the opening ceremony, the school headmaster, Yusra Assaf, noted that the partnership between the centre and the school is fruitful. The students benefited from Al Qattan’s various activities which included  hydroponics, animation workshops, a Mobile Library and “Design Your Science Project”.

During his tour at the exhibition, Science and Technology Educational Supervisor in the northern region Mahmoud Ghazali said that these are innovative projects which advance the skills of the students. He also expressed interest in developing those projects in the future, in collaboration with Al Qattan.

It should be noted that the exhibition also showcased other science projects including solar panels, a laser alarm system, an automatic irrigation circuit, a fire alarm and an automatic traffic light.

The “Design Your Science Project” programme has been implemented by the Child Centre (CCG) since 2016 and is based on the (Do It Yourself – DIY) method. The programme organises a range of educational interactive activities that encourage children to design and create science projects using simple materials available in the surrounding area.