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Gaza: Children of Al Qattan Programmers’ Club participate in an interactive technology exhibition

Gaza – (A.M. Qattan Foundation – 11 April 2019)

On 11 April 2019, on the occasion of the Arab Orphans Day, children of “Al Qattan Programmers’ Club” participated in an interactive technology exhibition organised by al-Amal Educational Centre for Training and Languages of al-Amal Institute for Orphans.

The exhibition provided the children with an interactive space to present the technology projects they designed and developed to visitors. These projects were the result of their participation in the activities of Al Qattan Programmers’ Club organised by The Child Centre – Gaza (CCG)/ A.M. Qattan Foundation throughout the year.

The technology projects exhibited included a vending machine, a distance calculator, an escalator and a smart car. While the robot models included a line tracker robot, a curve drawbot, a beetle robot and a carnivorous flower robot.

One of the participating children, Ahmad Klab – who dreams of becoming a programmer in the future- described his participation in the exhibition as a “beautiful experience”. It exposed him to other experiences in the field of technology, and gave him and his colleagues the opportunity to transmit their experiences, especially programming, saying: “Participation introduced us to experts who shared and exchanged expertise with us.”

Al Qattan Programmer’s Club seeks to enable children to build and analyse projects, starting with analysing the idea, working on its application and conversion from the stage of drawing schemes and engineering plans into what is known as Modeling and Simulation, which contribute to solving problems in society; among these projects is a Bionic Hand.

The children of the Programmers’ Club are currently preparing for the events of summer 2019, and are developing technology projects that can contribute to solving problems faced by individuals with special needs.