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Gaza: "The Child Centre" organizes art exhibition entitled "Staircase of Flowers"

(Gaza- A.M. Qattan Foundation):


on Thursday evening 21 March 2019, The Child Centre-Gaza / A.M. Qattan Foundation inaugurated the collective art exhibition entitled "The Staircase of Flowers", which included the artistical works and outputs of the “Art of drawing and colouring for family members" courses held by the Centre since 2017 until 2019, with participation of  mother’s, family members and children.

It is worth mentioning that the Centre holds  art of drawing and colouring for the family members courses, to provide them with the basic principles of  drawing, in which a large group of family members engaged in course "art of colouring," Developing their skills of using acrylic colours and water colours.

The Painting and Colouring courses contributed to development of the practical and scientific experiences of the members, about the art of colouring, the use of brush and formation on canvas paintings. They managed to draw and paint a set of paintings that mimic the silent nature and living nature, along with parts of international paintings belonging to the most important international and local artists.

The Child Centre continues to hold technical courses for family members.