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The “Unprepared” workshop hosts Maha Ma’moun and Elaine W. Ho in two sessions

The “Unprepared” workshop hosted Maha Ma’moun and Elaine W. Ho, who were the third and fourth guests in this series of meetings.

In her session, Ma’moun addressed animals in film, the relationship with animals in these films and their treatment as a substitute for human actors, especially during times of social and political crisis. She focussed on researching and conceptualising the film Dear Animal (2016) and presented similar experiences and media productions (film, articles, publications) which adopt the same representations of animals and highlight the relationship between this and the period following the Egyptian revolution.

Ma’moun is an artist who works primarily with text, photography and video. She is interested in examining the form, function and currency of common cultural, visual and literary images. She also works on publishing and curatorial projects.

During the session with Hong-Kong-based artist Elaine W. Ho, she explained the path that an idea takes before it turns into outcome, and the practices, influences and material processes necessary for the production process. Ho also addressed the topic of censorship, especially regarding art exhibitions in China and alternative publishing methods, in addition to politicised artwork and its ability to tackle extreme dictatorships and bureaucratic regimes that impose artistic obstacles.

Ho works between the realms of time-based art, experimental publishing and urban practice, using multiple vocabularies to explore the micropolitics, subjectivities and alter-possibilities of an intimate, networked production. She is the initiator of the artist-run project space HomeShop (2008-13, Beijing), and more recent collaborations that ask questions about the sociopolitics of syntax amidst the architectures of late capitalism.

Curator Ala’ Younis moderates the “Unprepared” workshop sessions, organised by the A.M. Qattan Foundation through the second round of the “Visual Arts: A Flourishing Field” grant project, funded by the government of Sweden.


Conversation with Maha Ma’moun:


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