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Resources and Collections

The programme, in general, seeks to enrich the collection of the library with the best of what knowledge and information sources offer in the fields of education, research, literature, philosophy, the arts, childhood, young adults, and world scholarship in order to connect them to the most significant information centres and databases. Specifically, the library’s collections focus on:

  • Aspects related to educational thought and its development internationally, regionally, and locally.
  • Theoretical and practical educational research and studies.
  • Cultural, social, economic, and philosophical research and studies related to educational development.
  • The history of scientific and analytical thinking and development.
  • The development of cinema, its techniques, and film industry.
  • Artbooks in their educational and public contexts.
  • Stories, books, and games for children.
  • Cultural, scientific, and feature films.
  • The databases the library subscribes to are: social sciences www.questia.com, mathematics www.nctm.org, science www.nsta.org, curricula, supervision, and guidance www.ascd.org