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The House of Tales: Children and Young Adults

The library includes a special room for children named “the House of Tales.” House in the Arabic language is the place that one gets used to or the space that the resident occupies. This house does not have to be a physical space. The feelings of familiarity and security are what identify a house. From there, in spite of its small space, we thought of “the House of Tales” as a venue that invites children to develop a sense of familiarity with the place and to integrate it into their lives, as they keep it alive through reading, playing, imagining, and dialogue.

The space of the room is 20 m² and it contains protected windows, and vibrant and comfortable children furniture. It has children's books from the most well-established Arab publishing houses; these books encourage children to ask questions, imagine, think, and have fun through innovative texts, illustrations, and variant visual directions. The room also encompasses encyclopedias, art books, and games, especially ones that are dedicated to the pre-school age group (children aged between 1 and 5 years old).

The library contains a collection of novels for young adults. We will keep you posted on the new books added to the collection.

In the forthcoming period, the library will activate a programme with children and young adults through story-reading, visual arts, artists and authors talks, and story discussions. The library will focus on connecting its activities to the Palestinian social and cultural contexts and merging between arts and science as well as taking part in other artistic and cultural activities held at the foundation.