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Strategic Plan

In early 2014, the Foundation’s entire staff, as well as two of our trustees, met in the occupied city of Jericho to develop a five-year strategic plan for the years 2014-18, with most Gaza colleagues joining in via videoconference. Over three days, the complex task of organising a meaningful discussion between ninety-five ambitious, highly intelligent and imaginative individuals, endowed with a tireless energy for debate, was not always easy. Indeed, discussions were occasionally heated and tense, even acrimonious! Yet I am certain that we all came out with a clearer sense of our limits and capabilities and were better able to produce a lucid, realistic but ambitious plan and prepare the solid, fertile ground upon which to implement it.


No major changes were introduced to our vision, mission statement or core values. However, the significant growth in the size and scope of the Foundation’s work over the last five years on the one hand and, on the other, the grave deterioration of the political situation in the region, were two factors that brought out, on analysis, a series of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which will directly affect our strategic plan for the next five years. The following is a summary of these four vital elements.


Strategic Directions

  • Capitalise on our accumulated experience, publications and resources and maximise their utilization;
  • Develop the Foundation’s institutional culture, policies and organisational structure;
  • Achieve greater integration between the Foundation’s work and programmes and enhance the holistic character of its work;
  • Develop the Foundation’s vision, knowledge-base, plans and practices to deepen the impact of its work and programmes; 
  • Employ cutting-edge technology in the Foundation’s work and programmes;
  • Continue to expand its work by creating inspiring models, within available resources;
  • Promote a spirit of giving and sharing among beneficiaries, and a spirit of volunteerism among various segments of society;
  • Increase the involvement of local, Arab and international communities in enhancing the Foundation’s material and moral resources.


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