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Strategic Plan 2020 - 2024


A just, free, enlightened, and tolerant society with an active global presence, one that embraces dialogue and produces knowledge, art and literature.



To achieve a dynamic cultural environment conducive to the production of emancipatory thought and knowledge.


Strategic Goals:

  1. To develop and make available cultural output to a wider public and to encourage it to become more active and responsive.
  2. To strengthen existing cultural, artistic, and educational structures to make them more dynamic and capable of producing critical and emancipatory thought and knowledge.
  3. To support a general environment that facilitates and endorses the application of the Foundation’s role and mission.
  4. To promote the A.M. Qattan Foundation as a leading and pioneering institution which can serve as an inspiring model.
  5. To ensure financial sustainability.


Implementation Strategies:

  1. To benefit from partnerships for the purposes of co-funding, development and implementation of programmes, greater public outreach, better sharing of experiences, and greater influence on relevant policies.
  2. To learn from the Foundation’s rich experience of activities and events.
  3. To achieve greater regional balance for the Foundation’s activities inside historical Palestine.
  4. To encourage local, regional, and international exchange.
  5. To achieve greater integration and complementarity between the Foundation’s programmes and activities.
  6. To make more efficient use of the Foundation’s venues (the Cultural Centre and the Science Studio in Ramallah, the Child Centre in Gaza, and the Mosaic Rooms in London).
  7. To communicate the Foundation’s mission to the public locally and internationally through effective media engagement.
  8. To achieve community interaction.



  • The rights and dignity of all.
  • Freedom, pluralism, dialogue, and the production of knowledge.
  • A collegiate spirit of productivity.
  • The courage to be just.