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Study Grants in Performing Arts

The Culture and Arts Programme at A.M. Qattan Foundation continues to offer partial scholarships in the performing arts field. The scholarship contributes to the programme costs, training at a specialised institute or specialised institutes for students from Palestine and the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights studying performing arts [music, theatre, dance, circus, etc.]. The grant covers or contributes to covering the tuition costs or training and does not cover expenses pertaining to the preparatory year.

The programme will give priority to supporting enrolment in study programmes, especially bachelor's degrees, or training programmes in disciplines essential for the development of the music sector, such as music education, music composition, oriental or classical singing, the manufacture and/or maintenance of musical instruments, especially cellos, contrabass, wind instruments, accordions and so on. Special priority will also be given to study or training programmes in specific areas that will serve the development of the Performing Arts sector in general [including music, theatre, dance and circus] and contribute to the improvement of technical and/or managerial capacities, including lighting, sound and recording techniques, sound effects, technical management, and other related areas.


Please send the application form via e-mail with the following documents if available:

Please provide translations for any documents not in Arabic or English, applications will not be considered otherwise.

1. Application form

2. CV

3. A passport or personal identification card copy

4. A cover letter, of no more than 500 words, addressing the main line of their proposed programme of study, accomplishments, and future projects, including the reasons for choosing this particular programme and its link to your ambitions and/or community needs, especially in the fields of performing arts in Palestine.

5. An acceptance letter from an accredited institute or academic institution relating to the programme or training required to be supported.

6. Two letters of recommendation from individuals and/or institution/s that indicate the seriousness and talent of the applicant and merit in their field of study. The letters of recommendation should be for students enrolled in the institute, academy or university. 

7. Any other certificates or documents the applicant believes may support his/her application and help the jury and programme management make their decision, such as obtaining support from others, or winning previous awards.

8. An audiovisual recording for their best performance [SOLO] on a DVD [not less than twenty minutes] for applicants applying for music, as follows:

Classical music:

Piano: present three pieces from different classical periods, including an allegro [fast] movement from the standard classical form.

String and wind instruments: present three pieces from different periods, including a concerto from the classical period.

Other instruments: three pieces in different styles.

Oriental music:

A recording of the applicants top three compositions and/or works, including each recordings’ name and duration, and instruments used.

The applicant is recommended to send recordings that best highlight their own personal talent, in order for the judge panel to evaluate the applicants skills despite having other members [if any] in the segment sent.

Theatre, Dance and/or Circus [as applicable]

An audiovisual recording for the applicant’s best performance. The video must not be less than 10 minutes long.


Applications that do not include all the above mentioned information may not be considered.

Applicants must be prepared to meet the evaluation committee and/or programme management if need be.


Nominations period:

Applications will only be accepted via e-mail to: m.ghosheh@qattanfoundation.org.

Theater and other Performing Art Fields

The Culture and Arts Programme offers grants up to a maximum of $5000 for a student to attend an institute specialising in the performing arts, including dance, choreography, and theatrical arts. The grants also cover technical courses including lighting design, scenography, sound design, visual effects, and makeup.

Priority is given to applications that are dedicated to enhancing artistic and/or technical capacity in the performing arts in Palestine, especially in areas that are in need of urgent development. 

Al-Qattan Music Scholarship


There are a number of scholarships available in 2012/2013 to Palestinian students or students from Golan Heights. The grants help cover tuition for the academic year, September 2012 – August 2013, for courses in the following areas: music performance, singing (Arabic, classical, jazz, other.), music composition, musical instrument manufacture, and music education.