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Seasonal Grants

Events & Projects Grant Application Form


Please read the guidelines carefully before filling in the application form:


1. This application is valid for both individuals and organizations.

2. The application should be completed in English only and emailed to: r.rezeq@qattanfoundation.org with the following as the subject line: “Seasonal grants application / [round number]: [Name of applicant]”.

3. The tables used in the application are for illustration purposes, and may be replaced with applicant’s own tables.

4. Applications submitted for supporting the organization of art exhibitions should include images of the artworks. 

5. Samples of previous works are requested for applications submitted for supporting the execution of new art projects.

6. Applications submitted for supporting performances or performing arts events (theatre, music, dance), should include a CD or DVD showcasing the production they are seeking support for.

7. Applications submitted for supporting festivals, should include the artistic programme and the participating groups.

8. The Culture and Arts Programme does not extend any funding to any event or project retroactively. 

9. The Foundation maintains the right to cancel any new grants awarded to an applicant who has failed to submit, within the timeframe agreed upon in the Grant Implementation Agreement signed by the Foundation and by the recipient, the requested final reports and documents relating to any previous grant from the Foundation.

10. CAP responds to the applications submitted over the year through regular meetings. Management is committed to responding to all applicants through sending letters of approval or apology in line with the dates below:



Round Number

Date for receiving completed applications

Proposed date for implementing the event or project

Date for announcing decisions


Round 1


Applications received until March 15th   

Between April 20th - July 31st

April 15th


Round 2

Applications received between

April 1st - June 30th   

Between August 1st - November 30th    

July 31st